• Baby Dedication Application Form

    We look forward to joining with you in the dedication of your child.

    Pastor Dan Rogge performs all dedications unless he is unavailable on the requested date. Please complete the following application and submit it to the church office as soon as possible.


    Please note that whenever possible, it is preferred that no more than one baby will be dedicated per service.


    Is this your first baby dedication at New Life Church?


    *Children of unwed parents will be dedicated by a single parent (either the mother or the father, not both) with the desire to dedicate him or herself to living and modeling a Christ honoring lifestyle.

    Please briefly explain your relationship with Christ below.

    Commitment to Dedicate:

    1. I recognize that my child is a gift from God.

    2. I promise to do whatever I can to model in front of my child what it means to be a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

    3. From this point forward, I promise to do whatever is necessary to make sure that my child has every exposure to church life, ministry, and worship from now until the day this child is no longer in my home.

    4. If God should chose to relocate my family, we promise to find another Christ honouring church to attend where we will continue to honor this commitment.

    5. I understand that the congregation of New Life Church has made the commitment to my family to help and support me in the raising of our children.

    I understand and acknowledge the above 5 commitments of dedication.